The Prada Foundation offers guided tours of the village to groups consisting of at least 12 people.
The groups will be accompanied by certified/knowledgeable guides and technicians who are part of the project.
Interested groups may contact the Prada Foundation to discuss day, time, length, and topics of the visit.
A guided tour offers the opportunity, if decided in advance, to visit not only the village, but also the church, which is (chiesa)/are (Villaggio e chiesa) usually closed to the public, with guides knowledgeable in a variety of topics.

2019 Easter in Prada

The village of Prada is back to be populated.Not as durable as in the late Middle Ages when the nucleus located at 600 meters of altitude on the mountain above Ravecchia it counted between 140 and 200 souls.
No, on the eve of Easter Day Prada was the scene of a hunt for eggs proposed by the homonymous Foundation who is working to recover some of the crumbling parts that make up the medieval village.
Egg hunt, kindly donated to Chocolat Stella, which was attended by about forty children accompanied by numerous adults so that for an afternoon Prada was populated almost as much as five hundred years ago.
The participants in the egg hunt and their numerous companions were thus able to see how Prada looks now and to understand the importance of the recovery project to which the Foundation looks forward to launching, in particular, the faithful reconstruction of the best preserved building of the medieval core.
The work of the conservative restoration, which will be performed under the supervision of the Office of Cultural Heritage, will be able to start once the variant of the regulatory plan of the Bellinzona district is finally approved thanks to which the village of Prada will be included among the cultural assets worthy of cantonal protection.
The wrapping is currently in the consultation phase and will then be sent to the Canton for the final go-ahead.

2018 PRADA yesterday, today, tomorrow

There are twenty-six artists, including professionals and amateurs, from all over Ticino who have joined the invitation of the Prada Foundation and who have exhibited their works in the patrician hall of Palazzo Civico in Bellinzona from 30 November to 9 December 2018.
The title of the exhibition "Prada yesterday, today, tomorrow" has provided them with the stimulus to interpret the theme of the medieval village on the hill of Ravecchia to 360 degrees, ranging from the remote memories of the place, dating back several centuries, to the progressive decline that marked the current state of neglect.
The exhibition was officially inaugurated at 6.30pm on Friday 30th November and has a charitable purpose. Half of the proceeds from the sale of the works are donated to the Prada Foundation.

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