The Foundation aims to promote and enhance the ancient medieval village of Prada, located in an area of archaeological interest and included in the landscape plan as a cantonally protected area.
Its aim is to raise funds to secure what remains of the Prada houses and to roof a few buildings that still have a good wall consistency, all under the aegis of the cultural heritage office of Canton Ticino.
The foundation's intention with regard to reconstruction is to restore the houses to their original appearance for historical and educational purposes, thus enabling the public to rediscover this ancient settlement.


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In December 2023, we find ourselves concluding a year filled with gratifying achievements at the operational level, thanks in part to the initiation of the primary phase of the Prada enhancement project.
Over the past eight months, it has been a rewarding experience witnessing the revival of eight village structures, previously buried under layers (in some cases meters-deep) of material.
These structures, appropriately consolidated with traditional work techniques and materials, already give an idea of what will be possible to see and experience in Prada in the future.
The fruits of this year's labour are distinctly visible from the trail that runs alongside Prada.
However, we highly recommend reserving a guided tour to get an even closer look at the remnants of this ancient village.

Il villaggio

Prada, together with Ravecchia, was a commune belonging to the Bellinzona county, located halfway up the mountain (577 m above sea level).
Inhabited since the Middle Ages (first recorded in 1381), in 1583 there were still 40 families (160 - 200 people), who enjoyed the same rights and privileges as those living in the village, including the right to attend meetings of the Bellinzona Council.
From the first half of the 17th century, the village was abandoned for a number of reasons that are still unknown.
Adverse weather conditions such as floods, droughts, long periods of cold weather and poor land yields are assumed.
The plague epidemic that raged in the region between 1629 and 1630 probably also had a negative influence.
Prada has more than thirty buildings, some still with good masonry consistency.

I sentieri

Prada is immersed in the tranquillity of wooded nature and can be reached by a number of picturesque paths: from the historic cobbled mule track that was used in the religious processions starting from the church of San Biagio to the more trekking-friendly path to the one that, although longer, allows you to enjoy a splendid panorama with little effort.
Alone, with friends, or with family, and whatever your sporting vocation, you can find a suitable route.
However, as these are mountain trails, we recommend that you wear suitable shoes and be careful.

Feste e S. Messe a Prada

Ever since its abandonment, Prada has never been forgotten: its memory has been cherished by visiting it during processions to attend the celebration of Holy Mass held in Prada's church dedicated to St Jerome and St Roch.
After the depopulation of the village, this tradition was initially taken care of by the 'Prada neighbours' who were the descendants of the former inhabitants of the medieval core.
They formed a separate neighbourhood, while from the beginning of the 19th century, they were absorbed by the Ravecchia Patriziato, although they did not neglect to take care of the maintenance of the church until 1956 when it became the property of the Ravecchia parish.
To continue this burden, the 'Nümm da Prada' association was founded in 1974, which took care of the renovation and maintenance of the church and its immediate surroundings.
Every year, the 'Nümm da Prada' association organises two festivities at the site with the celebration of Holy Mass, a traditional lunch and live music on Whit Monday and San Rocco (August).

The Prada Foundation offers guided tours of the village to groups consisting of at least 12 people.
The groups will be accompanied by certified/knowledgeable guides and technicians who are part of the project.
Interested groups may contact the Prada Foundation to discuss day, time, length, and topics of the visit.
A guided tour offers the opportunity, if decided in advance, to visit not only the village, but also the church, which is (chiesa)/are (Villaggio e chiesa) usually closed to the public, with guides knowledgeable in a variety of topics.

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